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Experience the awe-inspiring power of faith with The Asbury Awakening, the new release from CBN Films that captures the incredible story of a small-town revival that ignited the hearts of thousands. Journey to Wilmore, Kentucky, where the quaint two-stoplight town transformed into a beacon of hope and inspiration as people from all corners of the world flocked to witness the miraculous.

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Asbury University, a private Christian school, becomes the epicenter of this revival, where ordinary chapel services evolve into extraordinary moments of divine intervention. With powerful testimonies of healing, redemption, and forgiveness, The Asbury Awakening is a testament to the unstoppable force of God's love.

Watch the Radical Encounters with God!

Join us in this remarkable journey as ordinary lives are transformed by the extraordinary power of God's grace. Be inspired by the stories of those who have found their faith renewed and their hearts set ablaze by the The Asbury Awakening. Experience the undeniable presence of God as the revival unfolds, and witness the miraculous power of love in action.

“We went from a school, to a church, to a mission field in one week.”

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Hughes Auditorium
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