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Pat Robertson's The Shepherd King: The Life of David Plus the Ten-Day Companion Devotional - 'After God's Own Heart”

Heaven: What God Has Prepared for Those Who Love Him

By Pat Robertson (DVD and Digital Access)

Faith-building teachings every monthPartner-level streaming access on CBN family

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  1. Brown, Fraser & Associates, a research company founded by Regent University professor Dr. William Brown and by Dr. Benson Fraser, completed a digital survey for CBN in 2022. To prepare the survey, Brown and Fraser completed 17,275 digital surveys in 102 cities or regions of 10 countries. Brown and Fraser applied the results from these and prior years' surveys to project audience sizes of CBN programming.
  2. Compiled statistics from CBN and Operation Blessing (U.S. Domestic Humanitarian Work).

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A $20+ monthly partnership includes an encouraging monthly teaching plus streaming access on CBN family to watch more exclusive content from CBN!

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Consider becoming a CBN monthly partner $20+ to keep the work going!

As a CBN partner, you'll receive:

The audiobook for The Shepherd King: The Life of David, Pat Robertson's newest book (CD and digital access)

After God's Own Heart—a 10-day companion devotional

Heaven: What God Has Prepared for Those Who Love Him by Pat Robertson (DVD and digital access)

A biblically-sound and encouraging teaching every month

Partner-level streaming access on CBN Family, including teachings, CBN News, and more

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