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“Jesus said, ‘Let the little children come to me. Don’t stop them! For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who are like these children.’” – Matthew 19:14, NLT

That’s why we created CBN Animation's Superbook. This transformative animated series brings the Bible to life for children of all ages, enabling them to experience the gospel and its timeless message of grace and hope.

Already, we’ve made these powerful episodes available in 60 languages and dialects with more on the way. A projected 514 million viewers in 143 countries and territories watched at least one episode of Superbook and 364 million recalled having sung The Salvation Poem song in 2023.*

Millions of children are waiting to hear the Gospel for the first time, and we can't reach them without your support today.


Exclusive Superbook DVD Set and Streaming Access

To say thank you for your generous gift of any amount, we'd love to send you a special four-DVD set of Superbook adventures about Jesus—plus instant streaming access so you can watch right now! As a bonus gift...
Your gift of any amount will...
  • Translate Superbook into new languages
  • Translate the Superbook Kids Bible App and Superbook Website into new languages
  • Produce exciting content like new animated series, episodes of GizmoGo! and Superbook Specials
  • Receive a special Superbook four-DVD set and instant streaming access

As a bonus gift, for a monthly donation of $20 or more, in addition to all Superbook episodes, you will receive streaming access to CBN’s Partner Exclusive library of teachings, devotionals and partner premiums to help your family grow in their faith.

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As a way to say thank you, we'd like to share a special resource, Successful Families: Power in the Love of Family, so your family can continue to serve as a picture of God Himself. Your download will be available on the confirmation page.

Our mission is to inspire people of all ages and cultures to experience Jesus through soul-enriching storytelling that glorifies God. Our vision is to be the premier provider of animated content that reaches people around the globe with the love of Jesus Christ.

*Brown, Fraser & Associates, a research company founded by Regent University professor Dr. William Brown and by Dr. Benson Fraser, carried out a study of CBN’s international viewership in 2023. To prepare this study, Brown and Fraser surveyed 16,282 persons in 136 cities or regions of 13 countries. Brown and Fraser applied the results from these and prior years’ surveys to project audience sizes and impact of CBN programming.

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As a way to say thank you, we’d like to share this resource, Successful Families: Power in the Love of Family, so your family can continue to serve as a picture of God Himself.

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Thanks to you, children can learn about Jesus in a fun way!